Thursday, December 23, 2010

happy bday alicia

Las Carretas Mexican, Ampang
pass me the mask plsss

This was taken a while ago...sorry for the late post...


excellent food

Monday, December 20, 2010

make up tutorial

Yeay I finally did it!! Make up tutorial. I’ve been waiting to do this since forever. And now I am safe to say “not bad fara, not bad at all” :)

Meera - my model for my make up class. well she’s also part of the tutorial. So she did mine and I did hers. Only thing my face kind of still with bad scars so mcm tak cun jer nak put my pix next to meera here. Kesian meera, she tried hardest to cover my scars smua and I think she managed to cover some tho. Plus we didn’t have proper make up stuff and end up borrowing our tutor some of his stuff.

So here it is, meera's make over picture done by faraskye with love.

Maybe I post mine later yikesss….