Friday, January 22, 2010

Welcoming 2010

It's been awhile since my last update..Been doing a lot of work and a lot of thinking of my brand new 2010. New year celebration just like what i expected, working happily at KLCC countdown show. Went on a short trip with the gurls to PD the day after and then off to bandung for couple of days a week after.

Other than that work in the office seems to be a bit relaxing. So let's no jinx it for awhile and I've been taking my time enjoying the early home from work, early sleep and yes some early proper dinner.

Money kind of tight this month, the bitter result from my bandung trip and due to early salary given last December, but yet still surviving and yeah no harm on simple entertainment

hardly shop these days, because i didn't get much stuff at bandung too so see la maybe this month i can spend some..especially on shoes.

FEB is gonna be fun for me..since it is the month that i was born on..this year is gonna be different than any other years. Wanna make it simple. I'm celebrating my 28 bday, on 28th feb and this time being married, happily married.

by the way my notebook i bought earlier last year was suppose to be filled with lotsa write ups but sorry to say its rather empty..i was trying hard to tick "yes" on each of my goals i wrote last year and i can only do a few (malu nak ckp berape banyak) so i hope and really hope that this year i cud fill more. Let's not pressure me cause i know some of my wishes do need a longer time to achieve due to lack of savings.

And this year, my mission to stay fit, healthy and young. I only have another 2 years before my 30' before i go to that big 3-0.. lets not waste my energy on hating, frustrating, complaining etc.. i just need to think positive in every possible way and yeah a little bit of fara juicy weezy character in it...ok la, till the next round..i have so much pix to update.. so this is me welcoming my belated 2010...

peace out